Body and Soul
Joeboy Body & Soul

ALBUM : JOEBOY – BODY & SOUL [Mp3 Download]

Joeboy puts in his wit’s and vocal intellect into his compiled project titled “Body and Soul”.

Joeboy dropped his Sophomore album tagged “Body and Soul” two years after his debut album “Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic” which solidified his status as one of the leading lights as his hypnotic vocals and semi-autobiographical musings on fame and affection and self-perception.

His long anticipated sophomore album “Body and Soul, have seen the singer grow and refine his music into a more rounded outlooking artist with experiences of attraction and romance.

Body and Soul is a state of mind which contains more vulnerable topics and a darker side that has been left untouched for sometime.

Body and Soul is the realistic aspect of “Somewhere between Beauty and Magic“; it unveils the fairy tales in the debut album.

The debut album and Sophomore album has it pros and cons just like life has good and bad.

Body and Soul is Joeboy synthesis view of the world with the pressures and pleasures of Afro-Pop

He reiterates that we just have to be ourselves and not trying to be too perfect. Be yourself and move on to the better version of You.

Download and enjoy album below …

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