Emotion by Khaid


Emotions is a sophomore refreshing blend of musical expression by Khaid

Despite debutting at just 17 years old with 2022’s Diversity, the rising Nigeria star Khaid proves his abilty to embrace the heritage of his Lagos-born sound while leveraging the universal influences that continue to help grow African music globally.

Emotions is a statement piece that encourages listeners to embrace the free-spirited range of vibes that Khaid believes define his music. From sing-along to introspective love songs, with Khaid’s effortless blend of spirituality and passion, the Ep displays his versality in channeling feelings through music.

I want every song to relate to some part of someone’s life. Emotions highlights his maturity and potential to channel the narrative of a new genaration of musicians. Here, he breaks down key tracks from the EP.

Download and enjoy below …

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