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Tems comes again with another phase of EP tagged “If Orange Was A Place” after her first debut EP “For broken ears.

Tems assumption of if Orange was a place can be seen as a reflection of her thought and projects.

I have learnt to let go and just live life and just do what comes naturally to me,” she tells Apple Music. “It has helped me find a new freedom of expression and a new vibe that isn’t based on past experiences but present moments.”

She had just released ‘These Days,’ ‘Damages’ and her debut EP, For Broken Ears when she delivered a monstrous performance on Wizkid’s Made In Lagos. ‘Essence’ has since become a song of summer that might get multiple Grammy nominations. She has since worked with Justin Bieber, featured on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy track, ‘Fountains’ and gotten Adele to wax lyrical about her talent.

She has also started to show more sexuality, to diversify her appeal. She’s a beautiful woman, and it’s starting to get more amplified – that’s branding. But what she could represent – music and brand-wise, over the next three years – is probably still a huge conundrum. She’s not white, so she doesn’t have the luxury of tweaking her brand with every album like Billie Eilish.

IF ORANGE WAS A PLACE makes a ton of sense. More than the idea of creating a new stream of Tems’ consciousness in the minds of new fans, it’s also a needed experiment. Four records on the EP are produced by GuiltyBeatz while the other is produced by Jonah Christian. This is a deft blend of R&B and African pop music essence.

The placement of an R&B song like ‘Found’ featuring Brent Faiyaz, shows that the label understands that there is a chance for Tems to be an R&B princess. Instead of shutting it all out for Afro-pop infused music, they have gone for a mid-level, yet super-talented male R&B singer to open some R&B horizons for Tems.

Ordinarily, Tems would have needed a more extended artist development cycle with a few more underground releases. But in line with taking advantage of her current buzz – without taking advantage of it, they have released an experimental EP – instead of an album.

On a good day, now would have been the perfect time to drop a Tems debut album. But the label probably knows that Tems isn’t just a Nigerian artist anymore. To take advantage of that potential, she needs a foot on each terrain because she would need more than two Billboard hits as a featured artist to have a sustained career. She would need an identity that fans in the US can recognize her for.

The tendency to try out new things in order to have a denser brand, is apparent in the ‘Nigerianism’ of ‘Crazy Things,’ on which Tems extensively sings in Pidgin and pronounced ‘happening’ as ‘appuning.’ It’s probably from the understanding that language of delivery will determine the level of an artist’s success in Nigeria.

It also reflects in the R&B-infused type of Afro-Fusion, which is heavy on Afro-pop percussion, but with slower BPMs, which forms the essence of ‘IF ORANGE WAS A PLACE.’

This way, she could take advantage of the rising tide of Afro-pop in the US, while retaining her R&B essence.

Yet in the infancy of her career, where most people – including her and RCA – don’t know what she might be; and where she probably doesn’t even fully grasp the full concept of her being, she has three Billboard Hot 100 hits in under two months.

Through its five tracks, If Orange Was a Place creates ample space for Tems’ distinctive voice to shine as she navigates through themes of finding inner peace and staying true to self. “Orange is a vibe,” she explains. “It is the feeling of sunset and the sweetness of an orange. And when I think of those songs, I am transported to a different place where everything is warm and sweet.”

Lyrically and sonically, Tems (Temilade Openiyi) represents an alté sound driving a new wave of African R&B—one centred on mood, expression and originality, and one less concerned with trying to sound too familiar.

Below, Tems shares a snapshot of the “If Orange Was A Place EP“, track by track.

This song was inspired by the crazy amazing things that have been going on in my life, and it was made in Ghana. The beat was played to me by GuiltyBeatz and I was surrounded by orange light and alcohol. The vibes just flowed in afterwards.”

Track 1. “Crazy Tings

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All you do is lie and lie and lie
All you do is try and try and try
You don’t even know the kind of things
But you try to tell me all these things

Give me some time, I need peace
I’ma need space some days
And I’m just tryna do my thing
And I’m just tryna get my way

So you need someone to deceive
And you’re trying to think that I’m the one for you
But don’t you see? You’re not everything
And I know you’re not the one for me

Crazy tings are happening
Crazy tings are happening
If you need somebody’s craze
You fit chop somebody’s craze

I was in LA with Brent; he is such an amazing artist. He always knows how to bring a different perspective. The song is really about releasing different thoughts in my head and reconciling them with my truth.”

Track 2. “Found” (feat. Brent Faiyaz)

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People always try to get involved
I feel like I’m done, don’t know where to run
People always trying to take a bite out of my mind
If you need a fight, maybe we could start
I feel I might just be coming undone
Tell me why you can’t be found?
It’s so unreasonable, I know you
Love is a difficult life
Maybe we should take it to the streets

[Pre-Chorus: Tems]
Basically, I might not be weak
Basically, I might not be falling
Basically, I might be used to this

[Chorus: Tems]
Ooh, I found myself, found myself, found
Ooh, I found myself, found myself, found
Oh, oh-oh, oh

This song was just my rebel side coming out. Again, this was just me expressing my thoughts on opinions and all types of energies I encounter. It’s me reiterating who I am. The song was produced by Jonah Christian.”

Track 3. “Replay”

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Yeah-yeah, yeah, no, woah, oh, oh-oh
Yeah-yeah, yeah, mm
Mm, mm-hmm, mm

[Verse 1]
Oh, my voice is a mystery
But they always tryna diss me
Same guys tryna get in my way
Keep the same vibe, you can’t ruin in my day
Oh, my voice is a mystery
Ride the wave of my history
I’ve been distant to keep my distance
Goodbye to a boring life
I like to seek but I’m never in sight
Even though I’m the type to ride
I like to care but e never reach fight
Swinging my waist like you never did see
And then I roll like I really get baked
And you can’t believe what you heard me about me
It’s the magic for me
They keep trying to reach me, yeah, yeah
It’s the magic for me
I make them weep ’til they run insane
So get me lit on a weekday
I’m on the way and my ways on a display
And I’ma shut ’em all down one of these days
It’s my time so put it on a replay

I am someone who doesn’t like unnecessary disputes that lead nowhere, and ‘Avoid Things’ is about my [desire] to provide solutions, but being met with resistance, madness and crazy things.”

Track 4. “Avoid Things”



In the morning when you’re not with me
I feel you in the depths of mind, I found it in deep
Coming through is all I ever want to do
I fall in the steps of human beings
And it’s all on you
Now it’s onto you, now it’s onto you
Now it’s onto you, now it’s onto you
Now it’s onto you, now it’s onto you
Now it’s on

I try to avoid things
Avoid things
But there’s no one, this is madness
Avoid things
I try to resolve things
Involve you
But you don’t want to be sorry

‘Vibe Out’ is the setting of the sun and getting prepared to move. It is what I call the ‘ginger’ and the burst of dance…the sunset dance.”

Track 5. “Vibe Out”



Uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh
Oh, no, no, no (Uh, uh)
Vibe out today (Uh, uh)
Yeah, yeah (Uh, uh)
I know, ooh-woah, oh
I know, ooh-woah, oh
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm

[Verse 1]
Trouble is troubling, trouble is troubling
They don’t love me anyway, they don’t love me anyway
Trouble is trouble is, trouble is troubling
They don’t love me anyway
Don’t get my feelings hurt, I know the ceiling’s gone
Don’t get my feelings hurt, this time [?] not the one
Don’t get my feelings hurt, don’t say I’m not the one
Don’t get my feelings hurt

I’ma vibe out today (Mm-mm, hmm), uh, ayy (Mm-mm)
I’ma vibe out today (Mm-mm, hmm), uh, away, uh (Mm-mm)
I’ma vibe out today (Mm-mm, hmm), uh, away, uh (Mm-mm)
I’ma vibe out today (Mm-mm, hmm), uh, away, uh (Mm-mm)


The Tiger music 🎶 Pioneer shows forth gratitude to the Almighty via his new track “Give Thanks”, featuring Medikal to spice up the tune.

The Tiger music boss enlisted the talents of Ghanaian Fast Rising artist Medikal, who contributed largely with a beautiful verse to the new song.

The new Chinko Ekun track “Give Thanks” will serve as his second official song for the year after his huge collaboration with Marlian Music artiste Mohbad “Jafafa

Show gratitude and Download the Thanksgiving Tune


2Baba released a track amidst the family issue between him Annie and other family members.

the singer has been on news lately for controversial matrimonial reasons, and this might just be his way of responding to the allegations.

On this new tune, he employs the service of legendary Benue artist, Bongos Ikwue.

Bongos Ikwue is an Idoma by birth and identity as a being. With such a voice that has character and can command any song, Bongos Ikwue was almost a musical genre in his own right; Bongos Ikwue is a music legend, who was born in Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria on the 6th of June 1942. He made waves in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Few of the popular song to his name are : still searching, Cock crow at dawn, Girl I’ve got to go, What gonna be gonna be, woman made the devil, no more water in the well.

Produced by Richie, this controversial song sees 2Baba in search of true love; narrating how hard it is finding his soul mate and in desperate need for peace.

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Johnny Drille feels the buzz of activity that goes on all through the day and he encompasses all into as a project for the good of all to sooth our raging heart and lite up the fading candlesticks: He tagged it “Before We Sleep”

As social being its tantamount we assess our procedures or activities at the end of each task or within when there’s a time for break, we need to recheck our moves and actions if its for the best result we yearn for

Tagging his debut album “Before We Fall Asleep”, Johnny Drille is looking to take his music to hearts across the social globe.

In his words; “Hey family! Very excited my first ever album is finally out. There is something in there for everyone. I put my everything into this project for YOU“.

His army of devoted followers is as loyal as you will find anywhere. It’s easy to see why; Beyond his rare connection with his fans, Johnny is a man of many talents – an award-winning producer, writer and sound designer. He’s also a gifted performer; the best evidence – two sold-out editions of his tour series, “Johnny’s Room Live” and multiple performances around Africa and Europe.

Songs like “Papa” and “Wait For Me” are cult favourites, while “Count on You” and “Halleluyah” have amassed millions of streams. There’s also a growing demand for Johnny Drille around the continent, shown by tens of thousands of online followers and marquee shows in Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda.

In 2020, Johnny Drille hinted at a new, more risque direction with the release of the retro-inspired “Something Better”.

Anchored by impeccable songwriting across sound beds replete with traditional, neo-classical and alté inflections, Before We Fall Asleep is an absorbing excursion into Johnny Drille’s richly textured cosmos. Traversing multiple sonic worlds, the Afro-R&B “Ludo” gels with the Afropop of “Ova”, while the pensive acoustics of “BEFORE I LET GO” precede the collision of hip-hop undertones on “Lost In The Rhythm” and the ambient pop of “CLOCKS

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JD drops his debut album with the title ‘Before We Fall Asleep’. This album consist of 14 tracks and Features; Don Jazzy, Styl-Plus, LADIPOE, Ayra Starr, Chylde, Lagos Community Choir, Kwittee & Cillsoul.

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MUSIC : CHEQUE – LOML ft. OLAMIDE [Mp3 Download]

Superboy Cheque is at it again featuring the scutigera himself Olamide on the newly released track “LOML”

Cheque is cashing out the checks these days with the couple of works he’s been doing he earlier featured the YBNL youngster FIREBOY DML 🔥 for the single titled “History” then went ahead for “Call me Baby” the YBNL boss himself Olamide on the track “LOML”

Cheque gained massive popularity after releasing the hit track ‘Zoom‘ as part of his Razor EP project last year, he is showing how evolved he is as an artiste and how he is constantly improving his craft.

On ‘LOML (Love of My Life)‘, these two artistes bring their A-game to play with Cheque and Olamide complementing each other in the most dynamic of ways. Cheque’s euphonious musicality and Olamide’s verse screaming of an all-round evolved sound, Cheque takes us to the top of the ninth with this song and we are definitely picking up what he’s putting down.

This evocative love story rendered in the beautiful trademark Cheque voice, has the 26 year old Ondo State native put up his umbrella providing this much needed shade for music lovers.

Download and Enjoy

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Love Of My Life (LOML)‘ by Cheque is out and available on all digital platforms.

Listen and Stream LOML

Quotable Lyrics

Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

[Chorus: Cheque]
You be light for my life, no be lie at all
You give me love o, wey me never feel before
You give me joy o, oh my God o
I can’t get enough
You give me love o, wey me never feel before

[Verse 1: Cheque]
I’m coming plain (plain)
First time I ain’t feeling any Jealousy
Don’t give my secrets to my enemies
Oh you know me don’t trust nobody
Oh baby, you know me , you know me well
Anytime I kiss I never tell
Oh baby you know me well
Whine am for me make I go o
Show me love I never know
I wan come o baby oo

[Chorus: Cheque]
You be light for my life, no be lie at all
You give me love o, wey me never feel before
You give me joy o, oh my God o
I can’t get enough
You give me love o, wey me never feel before

Verse 2: Olamide]
They will never stop sailing till we see the shore
Señorita give me loving me no see before
Drunk in love, what you are doing is very asortol
Anybody wey no like am for der ? dum the talk
I said I want more
Fit get the friend that bigger come front
I hope you all get a picture of her, I dey comfort
Wey the small dron chicks so dey?reply me cos I be moreacrob
They wanna be my solokem but they are the procron
Omo na talk talk me and you two me never drop drop
Chicks wanna follow me
You are only real ama attract self
I go fuck shun and chop shun
I’m not sure they understand the love is real
Them still give me potion

Outro: Cheque]
You be light for my life, no be lie at all
You give me love o, wey me never feel before
You give me joy o, wey me never see before
You give me love o, wey me never feel before


Jhybo released his long anticipated Album titled “Good-luck” he drops his at the early hours of the new month as a gift to his fans then wish them Good-luck, Mercy and Grace for the rest of the Month and throughout the year.

The album drive is first in celebration of the women who have given him good luck, inspired & supported him through his career. Secondly, female empowerment supporting untapped brilliant talent and lastly, inspiration from his daughter.

Good Luck is a feel-good album, certified using 50% ‘live’ instruments & showcases Jhybo’s growth/talent as a rap artist and singer.

The odd thing about the album that differentiates it from every other album was that it features female artist only the 3 out of the 9 track has unique female performance on it.

Listen and Comment below

Download and Enjoy the Album Cover “Goodluck

Check out the dope freestyle by Jhybo tagged Born By Mistake

The Melodious track Orin Dafidi

Check this out you surely gonna love it

In accordance to Good luck Money is Essential

Download and Enjoy the Lagos Cruise

Jhybo and Cynthia Morgan continues to make magic with their vocal and perfomances


Check out Barry Jhay’s new track titled “Kabiyesi”

Following the approval of the previous track Ayewada” by Barry Jhay that received awesome acceptance and recognition by various music lovers, He continues with a new track which he use the music session to glorify the almighty

The new track is a recommended vibe for enthusiast and individuals who still have good reason to give thanks, cause in all situation we are to give thanks, no matter what may come our way, once there’s life there’s hope for better days.

Download and Enjoy the Melodious track


Mr JazzziQ brings another style of dance to the amapiano game tagged “Juju Dance” featuring few A-Star artists like Focalistic, Kamo Mphela and Lady Du to do appropriate justice to the track which the beat was fair lit.

Mr JazziQ takes his game on a new level with a new track titled Juju Dance featuring Lady Du, Focalistic, and Kamo Mphela.

He takes charge of the day with this Amapiano track from their end.

With Mr JazziQ on the track, he recently dropped an album titled For The People which he claimed was a leak.

Download and Enjoy


After the Success of the first album “Made In Lagos” Big Wiz comes again with another grand addition to the list of the album which includes bon mot tracks.

Wizkid releases the Deluxe version of his 4th studio album – MADE IN LAGOS. As Afrobeats continues to grow, Wizkid wants the world to remember where it came from and where it’s going next… Ladies & Gentlemen, Enjoy!!!

On his fourth studio album, Wizkid invokes a strong continental impulse across 14 tracks. With melody at the heart of his sonics, he enlists Burna Boy, Ella Mai, H.E.R., Damian Marley and more to capture the rhythmic essence of Afrofusion. Made In Lagos is rooted in Africa—with instrumentation, lingo and vibes inspired by Wiz’s Nigerian origins—and offers worldwide appeal. These are superbly crafted songs for under the sheets.

Having built a profile throughout the 2000s with co-writing credits and feature spots, Wizkid made his name as an Afrobeats legend through his first three LPs, Superstar (2011)Ayo (2014) and Sounds From the Other Side (2017). Yet it’s his fourth studio album, 2020’s Made in Lagos, that’s cemented him as one of Nigeria’s greatest cultural ambassadors and placed him at the vanguard of a global Afrobeats wave. His anchorage to Africa is evident here, with the instrumentation and lingo born of his hometown fusing seamlessly with hints of R&B, pop and reggae, all culminating in a body of work that both tackles societal challenges and easily transcends borders.

Released in 2021, the deluxe version adds four new songs to the mix: “Mood”, where he’s joined by rising Afrofusion singer Buju; “Anoti”; “Steady”; and a remix of his Tems collab “Essence” which also enlists Justin Bieber.

Enjoy the Made In Lagos Deluxe Edition… 


Listen to the tracks below;

Wizkid – rotates his vocals with “Anoti”

Big Wiz – Big Mood ft. Buju

Wizkid – Steady

Essence Deluxe edition featuring Justin Bieber and Tems


Oxlade combines the vocal vox populi of the celestial union in his new EP titled “Eclipse”.

Troniq Music presents “Eclipse” EP by boy Oxlade, strictly produced by Coublon. This a follow up to his debut EP – OXYGENE. It houses the recently released single ‘Ojuju‘.

Oxlade is the stage name of Nigerian singer Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan, best known for such Afro-fusion hits as “AWAY,” “HOLD ON,” and “O2.” Inspired by the music of Nigerian star Wande Coal, Oxlade cut his first demo at age 11 with the help of his uncle, a professional sound mixer.

According to Apple Music

  • His big break came in 2018, when he was featured on “Mamiwota,” a hit by Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez.
  • In 2018, his dreamy “Questionnaire” was his first solo track to catch fire in Nigeria, thanks to the endorsement of renowned singer and producer Davido, who hyped him on social media.
  • All six tracks from Oxlade’s acclaimed 2020 EP, OXYGENE, reached the Top 20 of Nigeria’s Apple Music Top 100 World Songs chart, with the infectious “AWAY” peaking at No. 2.
  • Oxlade’s smooth jazz-tinged single, “DKT,” hit No. 8 on Ireland’s Apple Music Top 100 World Songs chart in 2020, proving his appeal far beyond his homeland.
  • He has collaborated with several other popular Nigerian artists, including M.I Abaga, Ice Prince, Moelogo, Jinmi Abduls, and Fiokee.

Oxlade comes along with a new EP titled “ECLIPSE“. A four track mini project.

  1. MORE
  2. OJUJU
  3. PAY ME

On the Eclipse EP, Oxlade joins forces with producer Coublon for an emotive dose of Afropop. Cocooned within falsetto-draped soundbeds, Oxlade (Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman) navigates the complexities of love with infectious lyricism. While “More” displays an eagerness for romance, “Ojuju” folds a sense of trepidation between its polyrhythms. With its beguiling refrains, dub bassline and mellifluous chords, “Incomplete” best captures the magic of this duo.

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