Pardon my Arrogance Cassper NyoVest


Cassper Nyovest got an ally K1NG for his new tune titled “Pardon My Arrogance”

Cassper Nyovest pulls up a wild tune with K1NG pleading guilty for raising his shoulder as he reassures he’s not letting his arms down.

Cassper expressed how proud he is to see the Hip Hop industry get a chance in the country again.

Cassper got a huge featuring last weekend as he worked with Nasty C on Loco. His fans were really proud of him as how he could hit the bars so nicely on the track.

He uses the new track to usher his fans into the weekend as he holds this new vibe.

Download and share your thoughts below ….

Y’all done woke up a monster
I was chillin’, makin’ my money
And y’all decided to, haha
[Verse: Cassper Nyovest]
Uh, pardon my arrogance, that’s how it go when I’m back in my element
Uh, shakin’ the dust off, I’m just warmin’ up, where I haven’t yet settled in
Uh, Spikey said he got a bus full of bitches, I told him to send ’em in (Send ’em in), uh
I used to pay for these snares and these kicks, now I am sellin’ ’em (Woo)
That’s a double entendre (Whoo!)
I got Play money, I’m a monster (Whoo!)
Y’all still competin’ at Konka, y’all are left feet to my Salsa
Y’all don’t stress me, heh, la chansa
Ek is net hie, kea ba phantsa
I got mad heat, I’m a boxer
I’m the athlete and the sponsor (Woo)
Pardon my arrogance, I’m the epitome
This is black excellence (Sheesh)
I love the money and it got me jaded, man, this is an entanglement
Y’all workin’ for Tshepo Mashego, my nigga
Y’all do it for relevance, uh
Even when you got one up on me, I always come back and settle it (Settle it)
Put all the blame on my melanin, uh
Ladies and gentlemen, hold all your applause I am well aware, uh
Student of Jabba man, though was conflicted and cut into two like the heart of an elephant, uh
They tried to keep up and bought what I bought but they ended up sellin’ it.

Pardon my arrogance
Pardon my arrogance (I’m sorry, sorry)
Pardon my arrogance (Sorry, I’m not sorry)
Pardon my arrogance
[Outro: Cassper Nyovest, K1ng]
Somethin’ special always happens when I’m in London and I meet up with K1ng
A ong’shappe ka double tot ya Billiato da so
On the rocks, innit?
Ke kgone go relax-a, innit?

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