Rema and Shalipopi pays homage to their hometown with a vibe “Benin Boys”

Nigerian music sensation, teams up with a dope track, titled β€˜Benin Boys. The track, is co-produced by Rema and producer Yo X.

Rema is renowned for hits like β€˜Dumebi’ and β€˜Iron Man,’ and Shallipopi, who just had his sophomore album, is known for his strength in blending traditional Benin rhythms with modern Afrobeats.

This three-minute track not only showcases their musical chemistry but also serves as a vibrant homage to the cultural vibrancy of Benin City.

From the outset, the song grabs attention with its wavy beat and the energy that both artistes bring to the table.

The track opens with Shalipopi and Rema’s regular introduction, β€œThey call me Shallipopi, Pluto Presido β€”- Another Banga!” setting the tone for the lively narrative of the music.

The lyrics paint a picture of life in Benin City, blending English and Nigerian Pidgin seamlessly.

Shallipopi, known for his unique style, complements Rema’s musical delivery, creating a synergy that can be vibed to.

In the song, the duo raps about the pride of being from Benin, with lines like, β€œWe are the pride of Benin; even the Oba should give us a medal,” showcasing their deep connection to their roots.

The song’s lyrical content is rich with cultural references and local slang celebrating Benin’s identity.

The hook line, β€œSee money, see it, see see see money,” strongly emphasises the themes of success and wealth, which are central to the aspirations of many Nigerian youths.

This mantra-like repetition emphasises the visibility and importance of financial success in their community.

The lyrics’ notable aspect is the strong sense of community and loyalty.

The line, β€œMy Benin brothers are the ones I will call before I call the police if anything happens,” highlights the deep bonds and trust within the Benin community.

It reflects a cultural sentiment where family and community ties are prioritised over institutional interventions.

Download, Listen and enjoy below ….

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