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Asake the Mista Money with tha Vibe drops a compilation of his hit track tagged “MMWTV”.


The new YBNL signee has been tremendously been doing well since he was signed and he’s not letting the fans down he rather go wild to make sure the fans never stop getting the Vibe.

After his 2022 debut single- Omo Ope, he released a mini project titled “Ololade” EP. Throughout his debut EP – Ololade Asake, the newbie incorporates Yoruba gospel and fuji influences on bouncy beats to ruminate on his unfolding journey and show divine appreciation. No surprises there, for an act with a name steeped in oriki (Yoruba praise poetry)

Asake’s debut album- “Mr Money With The Vibe” consists of 12 tracks with two featuring; Russ and Burna Boy. It house his previously released hit singles; “Sungba” (Remix), “Peace Be Unto You“, and “Terminator”.

New songs on the album include: DULL, ORGANISE, DUPE, MUSE, JOHA, NZAZA, OTOTO, REASON, and SUNMOMI. As Produced by Magicsticks,













Enjoy the full project below….


Judikay Released a Twelve Tracks Album titled ‘From This Heart’

The Album is a project inspired by the Holy Spirit, filled with messages of Christ from birth to death and the salvation that came thereof. It is a compilation of messages; That of Hope, Love, Joy, salvation and of gratitude.

Check out the new Judikay compilation titled from her heart

From This Heart Album Tracklists

2. Daddy You Too MuchDOWNLOAD
3. SatisfiedDOWNLOAD
4. Jesus Is ComingDOWNLOAD
5. Your GraceDOWNLOAD
7. Have Your WayDOWNLOAD
9. Solid RockDOWNLOAD
12. One For MeDOWNLOAD












ALBUM : SIMI – TO BE HONEST (TBH) [Album Download]

Simi pops up a new compilations tagged (TBH) To Be Honest

Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi’s evolution in the half-decade since she first captured mainstream imagination with “Jamb Question” has been impressive. Simisola, from 2017, combined pop bombast with technical virtuosity, 2019’s Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1 was a stirring reflection on the shifting landscape of her life, and experimental releases like 2020’s RESTLESS II buffed her artistic credentials. On Tbh (To Be Honest)—a project three years in the making—she contemplates love, gratitude, and betrayal with a set of edgy songs that run the gamut of emotions.

“My ultimate goal is not just for the album to be loved,” Simi tells Apple Music. “It’s to create a project that makes me happy and that I want people to hear. I’m happy to be able to express myself exactly the way that I want.”

Indeed, Simi gives in to vivid expressionism here, gleefully calling out haters (“No Joy”), revisiting her origins (“Story Story”), and pondering the essence of life in tandem with husband Adekunle Gold (“Balance”). Read on as she takes us through Tbh (To Be Honest), track by track.

“Story Story”

“This is a summary of my journey in music—the sacrifices I made and the things I’ve learned along the way, and just basically saying, ‘I worked really hard to be here.’ I remember when I first broke into the industry, a lot of people thought I came from nowhere, but this is me showing them that time and energy has gone into the career for where I am now.”

“Born Again”

“‘Born Again’ was produced by Blaise. This is talking about how I’m trying to be a better person, and me trying to learn more, just shedding bad energy, shedding the old, unnecessary stuff. As the name implies, ‘Born Again’ is being something not just different, but better. I’m asking for grace for the process as well.”

“Naked Wire”

“This was one of the last two songs that I wrote—and it came so easily. It was produced by P. Priime. I asked him to send me some beats, and this was the one that I connected to, so I just recorded on that one. He tried to add more stuff, but I told him no because I wanted it to just stay simple. That was the feel I was going for—I love how it’s so soft. It’s obviously a sensual song, but it’s still so subtle. It’s not crass to listen to. I just really like the way it makes me feel.”

“Loyal” (feat. Fave)

“‘Loyal’ is inspired by an experience that I had. I don’t have a lot of close friends, but my friends are really important to me, and I expect that for you to be in my circle, I can trust you. I had a situation with one of my friends where I felt pretty betrayed and let down, and I felt like it would be nice to put them in their place. I’m just talking about how I want to know if you’re loyal to me. I don’t settle for backhanded friendships. I loved Fave’s verse as well. It’s really calm, but it’s also so intense, and I really love how we just flow together on the beat.”“‘Loyal’ is inspired by an experience that I had. I don’t have a lot of close friends, but my friends are really important to me, and I expect that for you to be in my circle, I can trust you. I had a situation with one of my friends where I felt pretty betrayed and let down, and I felt like it would be nice to put them in their place. I’m just talking about how I want to know if you’re loyal to me. I don’t settle for backhanded friendships. I loved Fave’s verse as well. It’s really calm, but it’s also so intense, and I really love how we just flow together on the beat.”

“Balance” (feat. Adekunle Gold)

“This is a feature with Adekunle, and his verse is on point, as is mine. One of the reasons why I like ‘Balance’ is that it’s a song about everything—not about anything specific, but it’s still saying so much. It’s talking about how life is so unpredictable. Sometimes the things you expect are not what you get, and sometimes you get something more than you expect. Nobody can really predict, so basically, just balance yourself.”

“Logba Logba”

“This is such a vibe. It has an Afrobeats plus highlife bounce to it, and I

just love the way that song makes me feel because it’s so easy. It’s just so groovy, and it’s like a love song, but it’s not sappy. It’s playful. It was one of the first songs that I wrote on the album because I’d just given birth and I was just testing my pen game and I realized that it was still tight.”

“Easy” (feat. Deja)

“This is very similar to ‘Balance,’ and also produced by Blaise. You can try and try, but in this life, there’s just a lot of happenings, and sometimes things don’t work, but just take it easy. Try to enjoy your life as much as you can in the space and the time that you have. Breathe, take time. Enjoy the process. Don’t obsess about the outcome.”

“No Joy”

“This song is dedicated to and inspired by haters. You know how people go on social media and say whatever they want to say because they can? We are often told to be the bigger person and not say anything which isn’t nice. But sometimes, if you can’t say something back, and you’re recording an album, why not do that? At that point, I was very angry about something that happened, and I took all that energy and anger I was feeling, and I made a song.”


“I really like ‘Temper’ because it was so interesting for me to write based on the style of writing: the bounce. It’s me bragging. It’s just me asking things and being out with it. Check my talent. Check my vibe. Just check me. It’s just a very chill, bragging, big-boy, big-girl song, and I really enjoyed writing it.”


“This was the last song that I wrote on the album. It’s just a vibe. It’s basically saying, ‘This is me. I’m not a settler. If I’m doing something, I’m doing it because that’s exactly what I want to do.’ ‘Nobody’ is just saying I don’t settle for anybody, period. I don’t manage, and that’s on God.”

“Love for Me”

“‘Love for Me’ is dedicated to all Nigerians. We tend to be spiritual people, and this is a song just thanking God for my experiences and for my blessings and for everything and all the great things in my life and learning from all the mistakes and all the things that I similarly do not have. You can call it a gospel song. It’s also an ode to my old Simi fans. They’re going to love this song because it’s very in tune or aligned with my early music, but I loved doing this one. Another story about this song is that my mother-in-law was telling me that she thought I should do a song just thanking God for everything. She didn’t know I already had plans for that, but when I was moving this album around and everything, I might have removed this song if she didn’t say anything. Hearing her say that just solidified my decision to leave this song on the album.”


Nigerian Christian/Gospel Artiste Minister GUC Released a New Album Titled “To Yahweh’s Delight”

The album Consists Of 13 Powerful tracks That Will Uplift Your Spirit And Surely Be Worth A Place On Your Playlist.

Available Now on Quality Mixtape For Free Download, Kindly Share & Stay being blessed.


Kizz Daniel raise the bar with his debut EP which happens to be his 4th project compilation titled “Barnaba’s”

 drops a mini body of work, An EP titled “Barnabas“. This is Kizz Daniel’s first ever EP, It consist of 7 tracks and features two guest artists; Highlife band- The Cavemen and Kelvyn Colt.


  1. Pour Me Water
  2. Addict
  3. Eh God (Barnabas)
  4. Oshe (feat. The Cavemen.)
  5. Burn
  6. Lie
  7. Skin (Kizz Daniel & Kelvyn Colt)

This body of work is an experimental, genre-bending collection of songs of encouragement. Listen and Enjoy!

Kizz Daniel ~ Pour Me Water

Kizz Daniel pours out his heart of a heartbreak which was dear to him an need something to chill off his broken scars

Listen and Feel the rhythym

Kizz Daniel ~ Addict

Kizz Daniel also seems to have got stuck in the recent binge gang activity has he his already an addict and can’t find a way of getting out of the web 🕸

Kizz Daniel ~ Eh God

Kizz Daniel blends in with a style of a saint and a man {Barnabas} who keeps up in his upright way and hope for better tidings at the edge of temptation

Kizz Daniel ~ Oshe (feat. The Cavemen.)

Kizz Daniel admires and appreciates the beauty of a diva then show his desires to do anything for the goddess to be in his camp

Kizz Daniel ~Burn

Young John Spark a fire and Kizz Daniel keeps it burning

Kizz Daniel ~Lie

Kizz Daniel calls everyone attention to him been a saint and not found in any dubious activity a he aserts the fact that he doesn’t lie

Skin (Kizz Daniel & Kelvyn Colt

Kizz Daniel appreciates the natural beauty of different ladies all across the world and kelvyn colt hooks up with him indulging everyone to keep maintaining their skin color while DJ Coublon does justice to the track


MFR Souls finally let go of their 2021 project titled Healers Of The Soul

They never disappoint their fans by delivering more than expected. In making things go well for the weekend, they also dropped uThando featuring Aymos.

The album holds 14 tracks with top game-changers in the industry

They also made it first on uThando featuring Aymos and seconded it on iMali featuring Boohle and T-Man SA


1. MFR Souls – Music Is My Life ft. Obeey Amor, Sol T & K-More
2. MFR Souls – Mlilo ft. Malumnator
3. MFR Souls – uThuleleni ft. Ice 50
4. MFR Souls – Sthandwa Sami ft. Bassie & Khobzn Kiavalla
5. MFR Souls – iMali ft. Boohle & T-Man SA
6. MFR Souls – Healers of the Soul
7. MFR Souls – uThando ft. Aymos
8. MFR Souls – Woza Madala (The Calling) ft. Murumba Pitch
9. MFR Souls, Soa Mattrix & T-Man SA – Msholokazi ft. Bassie
10. MFR Souls – Wena My Baby ft. Spura
11. MFR Souls – The Elements
12. MFR Souls – Umjolo ft. T-Man SA, Obeey Amor & Mzulu Kakhulu
13. MFR Souls – Toi Moi ft. Mzulu Kakhulu & Obeey Amor
14. MFR Souls – 10,000 People (Sgubu Vibes Mix)


Johnny Drille feels the buzz of activity that goes on all through the day and he encompasses all into as a project for the good of all to sooth our raging heart and lite up the fading candlesticks: He tagged it “Before We Sleep”

As social being its tantamount we assess our procedures or activities at the end of each task or within when there’s a time for break, we need to recheck our moves and actions if its for the best result we yearn for

Tagging his debut album “Before We Fall Asleep”, Johnny Drille is looking to take his music to hearts across the social globe.

In his words; “Hey family! Very excited my first ever album is finally out. There is something in there for everyone. I put my everything into this project for YOU“.

His army of devoted followers is as loyal as you will find anywhere. It’s easy to see why; Beyond his rare connection with his fans, Johnny is a man of many talents – an award-winning producer, writer and sound designer. He’s also a gifted performer; the best evidence – two sold-out editions of his tour series, “Johnny’s Room Live” and multiple performances around Africa and Europe.

Songs like “Papa” and “Wait For Me” are cult favourites, while “Count on You” and “Halleluyah” have amassed millions of streams. There’s also a growing demand for Johnny Drille around the continent, shown by tens of thousands of online followers and marquee shows in Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda.

In 2020, Johnny Drille hinted at a new, more risque direction with the release of the retro-inspired “Something Better”.

Anchored by impeccable songwriting across sound beds replete with traditional, neo-classical and alté inflections, Before We Fall Asleep is an absorbing excursion into Johnny Drille’s richly textured cosmos. Traversing multiple sonic worlds, the Afro-R&B “Ludo” gels with the Afropop of “Ova”, while the pensive acoustics of “BEFORE I LET GO” precede the collision of hip-hop undertones on “Lost In The Rhythm” and the ambient pop of “CLOCKS

Listen and share your thoughts

JD drops his debut album with the title ‘Before We Fall Asleep’. This album consist of 14 tracks and Features; Don Jazzy, Styl-Plus, LADIPOE, Ayra Starr, Chylde, Lagos Community Choir, Kwittee & Cillsoul.

View Tracklist


Multi-talented Nigerian singer-songwriter, Omawumi drops a new album with the title “Love Deep High Life”.

Love Deep High Life” album is a follow up to Omawumi last single “Bullshit“, released in April, 2021. Bullshit is a very melodic thought-provoking song that vocalizes the struggles and plights of everyone. It is a song for everyone saying, Are you not tired of the Bullshit?

Hailing from the city of Warri in the Delta State of Nigeria, Omawumi Megbele (widely known by her stage name, simply shortened to Omawumi) is an actress and singer/songwriter who incorporates elements of soul and R&B into her bright, funk-laden pop sound. After having graduated with a law degree from Ambrose Alli University in 2005, Megbele decided to indulge in her passion for music and singing by auditioning for the 2007 West African version of the TV talent show franchise Idols. Her powerful and arresting voice, along with her radiant personality, shone throughout the competition, and she was ultimately voted first runner-up. However, Megbele did not stop there, and began writing and recording her debut effort. The record, entitled Wonder Woman, was released in 2009 via OMA Records. The album was met with universal acclaim, with many not only praising the unwavering might and power in Omawumi’s voice but also her decision to incorporate a vast number of styles in the album’s sound palette, such as Afro-pop, jazz, funk, and even techno.

In 2009 she made her foray into the world of acting, first appearing in a production of V-Monolugues, a theater performance depicting the various negative issues that women in Nigeria have to face. She went on to appear in the 2010 Nigerian musical drama Inale, 2011’s Return of Jenifa, 2013’s House of Gold, and 2014’s Make a Move. The title of Omawumi’s 2015 sophomore effort, Lasso of Truth, referenced the weapon carried by the popular DC superhero character Wonder Woman, thus continuing the theme suggested by her previous album. Once again, the record garnered acclaim for traversing a broad range of styles and sounds, incorporating soul, funk, and reggae while lyrically focused on a multitude of social issues. The release also featured fellow Nigerian singer/songwriter Wizkid, on the track “Warn Yourself.” Omawumi returned in 2017 with her third record, Timeless (the title referred to the fact that her songwriting was not tied down to any specific sound or trend).

This new Love Deep High Life album is Omawumi’s fifth studio album, It consist of 10 tracks and features; Waje, Phyno, Brymo and Ric Hassani.

See Tracklist below

Remember the Flavouring sound in Bottom Belle featuring Flavor , here comes the milk and honey with Brymo, She goes Coast to Coast with Ric Hassani, shares her sugar baby darling story with Waje and Phyno fino becomes the Mr Whiny which she shares her life with.

About this new album Oma Wonder shared; “features na ? and no be wash! @officialwaje we don finally give them! @brymolawale they are not ready for your genuis @richassani we titilated them @phynofino you gave me lyrics etched in gold! And then the whole album – Love, Deep, High Life

Listen and Enjoy!


Nathaniel Bassey comes up with a new Album titled ”Hallelujah Again” it’s full of Gratitude, High Praise, Celebration, Adoration, Intimacy, Intercession, Meditation, Edification, and Victory

Gospel minister/singer and saxophonist, Nathaniel Bassey is back with a new album titled “Hallelujah Again“. After the huge success of the single – ‘Olorun Agbaye‘, Nathaniel drops this project to refresh our Praise & Worship playlist, And gift us with something new for this year Easter.

NATHANIEL BASSEY, is a Husband, Father, Music Minister, Youth Pastor and music producer. He writes and sings His own songs. And believes that music is a fundamental instrument in the praise and worship of God And for the edification of the Saints. He is Married to Sarah Bassey and are blessed with two lovely Children.

The Hallelujah Again Album is a 14 track body of work which features 6 powerful gospel artistes. For the feature credit Pastor Nat shared; “People of God, Men & Brethren, Please help me appreciate these GIFTS for featuring on this project, HALLELUJAH AGAIN. I don’t take their YESs for granted. All very busy people. But made our time to be a blessing on this. Please tag them and give a thunderous shout out to them for me.

@therealsinach – SINACH
@adaehimoses – ADE EHI
@victoriaorenze – VICTORIA ORENZE
@grace.omosebi – GRACE OMOSEBI
@chandlerdmoore – CHANDLER MOORE
@obamusic1 – OBA

Besides the spirituality, The musicality of this album is incredible; a musicologist or one with an ear of a musicologist would know what i am talking about. Pastor Nat is essentially a versed musician and not all worshippers are necessarily raw musicians who stand in the capacity to make music for God as good as excellent jazz musicians. Pastor Nat usher us into more realms of your divine craft for the glory of God.

The album lead singles are; ‘Olorun Agbaye‘ (featuring Chandler Moore, Oba) and Call On Me.

Listen and Enjoy ‘Hallelujah Again’ Album below

ALBUM : TENI – WONDALAND (Official Audio)

Makanaki delivers as she earlier promised, she released the full tracks to her Album.

Award-winning Nigerian song writer, singer, performer, actress and social media sensation, Teni has released her Debut album titled “WONDALAND“. This’ coming in after the huge success of the project’s lead singles; ‘JO‘ (released late 2020) and the recent ‘FOR YOU‘ which features Davido.

Over the years, Teni The entertainer has effortlessly wowed fans with her silky vocals and unforgettable song lyrics, from ‘Uyo Meyo’ to ‘Billionaire’, she made sure she dominated the Afrobeats scene. With all these outstanding achievements, Sugar Mummy has no album attached to her name.

In February, she revealed that she would be dropping her Debut album on The 19th of March, 2020 And also dropped her first single off the yet-to-be-released album “For You“ featuring Davido. The song as a result of Davido’s fire verse in the song set social media on fire and became an instant Hit!. It still the Hottest and most played song in the country presently.

Today March 19, 2021, after much suspense, Teni drops her debut album WONDALAND as promised.

Wondaland is a 17 tracked album. The beats of the songs were specially crafted out by some of the best producers in the industry. It’s not a Teni Production if Pheelz the Producer is nowhere to be found on the project. The producers that worked on her project include the likes of P.Priime, Ozedikus, Damayo, Tempoe, and Krizbeatz which the Singer showered with praises.

  1. MAJA- Produced by Pheelz
  2. FOR YOU FT. DAVIDO- Produced by Pheelz
  3. MOSLADO- Produced By Ozedikus
  4. GAMEOVER- Produced by Pheelz
  5. HUSTLE- Produced by Pheelz
  6. FBI- Produced by Damayo
  7. TOXIC- Produced by P.prime
  8. INJURE ME- Produced by Pheelz
  9. 100 METERS- Produced by P.prime &Tempoe
  10. WERE-Produced by Pheelzs
  11. ON- Produced By Tempoe
  12. WONDA WHY- Pheelz
  13. OKOCHA- Produced by Kriz Beats
  14. JO- Produced by P.prime
  15. DADS SONG- Produced by Pheelz and P.prime
  16. XXXL- Produced by Pheelz
  17. BLACK- Produced by P.prime

Step into the Big and Crazy world of Teniola Apata aka TENI THE ENTERTAINER, Listen to the Album below, STREAM & ENJOY!

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