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Mavins drops Won Da Mo clean extended edit featuring Rema, Boy Spyce, Ayra Starr, LADIPOE, Magixx, Johnny Drille, Bayanni

Mavins Record keeps proving itself in every generation. Founded by Don Jazzy on May 8, 2012, Mavin Records is Africa’s biggest music label and home to some of Afrobeat’s best and most famed artistes, producers, and music industry professionals.

Finding roots in Mo’Hits Record- the defining African label of the early 2000s, also owned by Don Jazzy and D’Banj, Mavin has recorded tremendous success since its emergence. Currently the label boasts of an expansive roster that is home to multi-talented serial hitmakers such as Johnny Drille, Ladipoe, Rema, Ayra Starr, Crayon, Magixx and Boy Spyce amongst others.

The label was also once home to Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal, Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and Iyanya. It continues to leverage on its storied history and current potential to produce the next Afrobeat greats. Today Nov. 9, 2022, the Record release a brand new track titled, “Won Da Mo”.

WON DA MO” which is Mavin’s album lead single serves as a follow up to ‘Overdose‘, a track with features from Don Jazzy, Ayra Starr, Crayon, Magixx, Ladipoe, and Boy Spyce.

Qualitymixtape.com brings you Won Da Mo clean extended edit.



Basketmouth takes his entertaining game to another level has he has own a space in the comic arena he therefore stretches his ambience to the Music arena to dish out his jovial piece of rhymes and lyrics into a project titled “Horoscopes” featuring prominent singers and artist that makes the project cut accross all sphere of life.

Horoscopes Album features Johnny Drille, Simi, Buju, Blaqbonez, Ruggedman, Magnito, Dremo, Peruzzi, 2Baba, Wande Coal, Oxlade, Efya, The Cavemen and more. 

Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basketmouth releases his sophomore album titled HOROSCOPES, A follow up to his debut music project- Yabasi. This coming after the previously released singles; Your Body and Trouble.

In a career spanning more than two decades, Basketmouth has emerged as one of Nigeria’s most widely-respected comedians, actors and satirists, receiving awards and critical acclaim for his critiques on the intersection of humanity’s evolving landscape, Internet culture and Nigerian histrionics. All of this did not really prepare anyone for his surprise pivot to music-making on 2020’s Yabasi, a left-field body of work that effervescently melded Basketmouth’s adolescent love for hip-hop with the frothing sound of highlife, a storied genre rooted in the Igbo culture of Basketmouth’s Eastern Nigerian heritage.

Complete with contributions from legendary wordsmith M.I Abaga, rising star Buju, and Ghanaian contemporary bards, Efya and Kwabena KwabenaHoroscopes finds ways to humanise universal emotions like love, struggle, betrayal and wanderlust while giving life to new mediums of expressions within the musical world that Basketmouth has created. (The album also serves as a soundtrack to Scorpio—a feature-length movie scheduled for release this 2022.)

Horoscopes Track-by-Track.

Love & Life (feat. M.I Abaga) [Basketmouth, Jonny Drille & Simi]
“So ‘Love and Life’ is a song about a guy married to his beautiful wife who, unfortunately, is still in love with her ex-boyfriend that’s in jail serving life. And so she sneaks out to go visit her ex in jail—not knowing that her husband will actually trace her to the prison and see what she’s up to. But he is not upset; instead, he’s wishing and hoping that she can love him the way she loves the ex. So Johnny Drille is the husband, Simi is the girl, and M.I is the guy in prison and they all told their stories from their own perspective. It’s one of my favourite songs on the project; the beat is so amazing.”

Your Body (feat. Buju)
We recorded ‘Your Body’ in April 2021 when we were shooting the video for ‘Pepper Soup’, the one with Duncan Mighty and Ice Prince. Buju showed interest in working together and I was like, ‘Duktor Sett and I are big fans of your work and I’d like us to make magic.’ After a while, we got into the car and I jammed the beat to Buju—but the instrument that played for Buju wasn’t what came out on the song. It’s the same progression, but if you hear the real song, you’ll be amazed at how Buju was able to surpass that beat to the point that Duktor Sett had to change the beat. Yeah. So Buju did a lot to that song. Most times some people don’t live up to the instrumental, but Buju gave me the hook of that song when he walked into my car and heard the beat for the first time.”

Listen [Basketmouth & Wande Coal]
“It was beautiful making that song. That experience was unique. I’d been looking for Wande for a very long time. I tried to track him, sent him beats, but you know, Wande is almost impossible to reach. So one day, a friend of mine told me Wande was at the studio. I was like, ‘What studio?’ And they told me, ‘Aristokrat.’ So, I went there, met him, and I was like, ‘There’s something that you need to listen to. You’ll love it. Trust me.’ So, I played it for him and immediately he heard it, he gave me my song right there. I told Wande, ‘Have fun on this one. Own it, express yourself.’ We just needed feel-good music and that was exactly what he gave me. The thing is, what I did with that, I wanted to hear Wande sound like Wande when he first came out. Wande has evolved, even to a better version of himself. But I was like, I still want people to feel that nostalgic feeling, you know? And he came with that same energy.”

Celowi [Basketmouth & Peruzzi]
“We were in Warri, so I went to Peruzzi’s room and I’m like, ‘Dude, I’ve got some beats for you to vibe to; I have a feeling there are some you will like, but I will play everything.’ So, I played everything to him and he vibed to every song, and actually gave me hits on every song. So I called him, and I was like, ‘This is the one I want to do it, let’s do it.’ While he was recording, I was like, ‘Who am I going to put on this with him?’ No name came to mind. The song was complete. He asked me what the song was about and I just told him that we need something happy because this is a soundtrack for a movie called Scorpio. In this particular scene in the movie, I visualised it as an island; they met at the beach and started drinking and talking and they danced.”

Money [Basketmouth, Oxlade & Efya]
I’ve always wanted Efya’s voice on my project. She is amazing. I feel she’s one of the best. Oxlade is also a monster, and he jumped on it. Immediately he did his thing; I knew I had my hook. We started working on that song [in 2020], a week after Yabasi was released. Oxlade just freestyled. I like getting the song, and just diving into it, eating, sleeping, and drink to the song until I get what I want. When we recorded, I took his part and I kept playing it, and I knew this was the perfect song for Efya. I didn’t want her to record alone and she didn’t want to record alone. She wanted to feel my energy, and that’s the kind of thing that I like, because I work with energy. So, I flew to Ghana and worked on the song; she nailed it. The song is about a hustler’s dream. Every hustler, no matter how much you’re grinding, when you make money, you want to show off. You want people to know that you’ve arrived. That’s why it’s like, ‘If I get money, people go sabi who I be.’ We needed to give people something to sing about, something that they can connect with as well.”

Trouble [Basketmouth, 2Baba & Blaqbonez]
“Now, I’ve known Innocent [2baba] for about 24 years, and in that 24 years, I have never been with him in the studio. But I think I was the first person to listen to almost all the songs he created back then. At the moment when I was putting this project together, I told him that I needed to do a song with him and he’s been saying the same thing But we never ever made time. When Duktor Sett created the beat for this song, I was with him. It took me about three to six months to record that song with Innocent. Then one time, I woke up at about 3 AM, and I saw a missed call from him. I called him back, and he was asked if we could record the song now. I called Duktor Sett over and for some funny reason he was awake at the same time. over. 2Baba came over and we recorded at about 6 AM. As he was leaving, he said, ‘Get Blaqbonez on this one, if you can.’ The next day Blaqbonez came; 15 minutes later, he was literally done. And that’s what everybody on that song did, they all came in and they gave it their best shot. I don’t know how they do it, but I can tell you for a fact, I think Nigeria is blessed with some of the most talented musicians in the world.”

The Traveller [Basketmouth, The Cavemen. & Kwabena Kwabena]
“‘The Traveler’ is a song about a guy that left his village, in the East, looking for greener pasture. He keeps moving from one town to another, and through his journey he meets a girl and they get married. They move to the next town and this goes on until he finds himself in Ghana, and that’s where he met Kwabena Kwabena. It’s basically a story about a journey of life. What we did was try to blend the highlife music of Nigeria and Ghana, because they are not the same. There’s a part where there was a call-and-response between Kwabena Kwabena and The Cavemen., and you hear them speak Twi and Igbo. It sounds like one language, and that’s what we’re trying to do with the album, with our music.”

Leave Me [Basketmouth, Reekado Banks & Falz]
“’Leave Me’ is a love song. Scorpio is a very naughty movie, but it’s not glaring, and we needed a love song that was a bit erotic, but still feel-good music. We tried not to make it too dirty. I gave Reekado a very tough beat and I made him create a hit song from it. He came in and knew he had to approach the song differently, so he left us and went to [work alone]. When he came back, like 20 to 30 minutes later, he just did it. That’s a genius at work. Falz is a Scorpio, so I told him, ‘Look, you’re the only person that can really do this for me. I don’t want anything hard. I want something happy, relaxed. You know your way, make it funny at the same time. ‘Leave Me’ is one of my favourites on the album.”

Assembly of Gods” (feat. Magnito, Illbliss, & Dremo) [Basketmouth, The Cavemen., Falz & Flavour]
“I’m excited about this song because I kind of influenced the beat and Duktor Sett let me have fun with it. It was the easiest beat he had ever made. He didn’t even mix anything, he just put the elements together and it was what I wanted. I just had the idea to have an assembly of rappers. Also, with the song, we tried to make it a unity song that had Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa rappers. Everyone is there–even if we can’t get along in real life, let’s have a musical conversation. So we had Falz first, and the next person came, and it was just that way till the end. At the end, I was like, ‘You know what? I think I’m going to jump on this song.’ I grabbed the mic and it was just one take. I just went in and did it.”


Johnny Drille feels the buzz of activity that goes on all through the day and he encompasses all into as a project for the good of all to sooth our raging heart and lite up the fading candlesticks: He tagged it “Before We Sleep”

As social being its tantamount we assess our procedures or activities at the end of each task or within when there’s a time for break, we need to recheck our moves and actions if its for the best result we yearn for

Tagging his debut album “Before We Fall Asleep”, Johnny Drille is looking to take his music to hearts across the social globe.

In his words; “Hey family! Very excited my first ever album is finally out. There is something in there for everyone. I put my everything into this project for YOU“.

His army of devoted followers is as loyal as you will find anywhere. It’s easy to see why; Beyond his rare connection with his fans, Johnny is a man of many talents – an award-winning producer, writer and sound designer. He’s also a gifted performer; the best evidence – two sold-out editions of his tour series, “Johnny’s Room Live” and multiple performances around Africa and Europe.

Songs like “Papa” and “Wait For Me” are cult favourites, while “Count on You” and “Halleluyah” have amassed millions of streams. There’s also a growing demand for Johnny Drille around the continent, shown by tens of thousands of online followers and marquee shows in Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda.

In 2020, Johnny Drille hinted at a new, more risque direction with the release of the retro-inspired “Something Better”.

Anchored by impeccable songwriting across sound beds replete with traditional, neo-classical and alté inflections, Before We Fall Asleep is an absorbing excursion into Johnny Drille’s richly textured cosmos. Traversing multiple sonic worlds, the Afro-R&B “Ludo” gels with the Afropop of “Ova”, while the pensive acoustics of “BEFORE I LET GO” precede the collision of hip-hop undertones on “Lost In The Rhythm” and the ambient pop of “CLOCKS

Listen and share your thoughts

JD drops his debut album with the title ‘Before We Fall Asleep’. This album consist of 14 tracks and Features; Don Jazzy, Styl-Plus, LADIPOE, Ayra Starr, Chylde, Lagos Community Choir, Kwittee & Cillsoul.

View Tracklist


Johnny Drille shares “Bad Dancer” off his Debut Album.

After wrapping up 2020 with “Mystery girl”, the first single from his forthcoming debut album, Johnny Drille return with another single titled “Bad Dancer” to start off 2021.

Johnny Drille recently took to his social media to announce the completion of his upcoming album set to drop early in the year. “Five years of labor of love and here we are. My precious baby is about to be birthed” says Drille. The album announcement has since sent his fans on a frenzy, brimming with excitement and eager anticipation.

His new single, “Bad Dancer” from the upcoming album, further showcases his penchant for declarative writing, fervent melodies and live instrumentation; resonating with every person’s deep yearning for the pure undiluted kind of love. The record which was self-produced by Johnny Drille, spotlights a music maestro who is comfortable with wearing his heart on his sleeves, as he declares to his lady that despite being a terrible dancer, he is willing to go the extra mile to earn her love.

Johnny Drille while sharing “Bad Dancer” says;

I am often the reserved and socially awkward kind, I make music as a reflection of who I am and have been; a misfit on a quest to find true love, to find that one person that is just perfect for me, one that gets me, one I can be my awkward self around. That’s the picture I paint“.

This record is a beautiful and timeless piece, that’s perfect for this season and beyond. It will certainly tug at your heartstrings and leave you affectionately swaying with your beloved on the dance floor.

Listen and Enjoy!


Mavin’s super talented country music artiste and one of the underrated singer in the Country, Johnny Drille returns with a love bang! tag “Count On You“, A song with meaningful lyrics that will touch your heart and weaken your bones. The folk singer sings about loving forever, an everlasting perfect relationship where joy lives. This the greatest Love song ever heard….

Count On You” comes with a crispy video that features the newly wedded celebrities; Teddy A and BamBam. The song is the perfect story line of their love affair, this two were love birds while they were at the Big Brother Naija House. After the show everyone thought that will be the end but their love was stronger than a rock, they didn’t break but ended up as a couple… life partners/best friend.

This video directed by Timmy Davies has some clips of “BamTeddy’s” just concluded wedding and love life.

Watch the lovely video below


Waje releases the music video to her single titled Udue featuring Johnny Drille. This single comes off her album ‘Red Velvet’.

The romantic clip stars Waje’s daughter Emerald, and it serves as the first visual offering off Waje’s second studio LP.

Watch and share your thoughts.


Chinko Ekun returns to the music scene with a new record and sound. This time around the indigenous street rapper comes through with a love song as he teams up with Mavin’s  Johnny Drille to serve his fans “Calling“.

This new record produced by Big Dre will be Chinko’s 3rd single this year, it has a unique sound very different from his regular songs. You can feel Johnny Drille’s touches/melody on this and ever the Tiger man falling in love.

Download Calling – chinko Ekun Ft Johnny Drille





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