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Superboy Cheque drops his Sophomore Album titled “Bravo”.

Cheque offload his aesthetics project tagged Bravo feauring prominent artist like Olamide “LOML” Fireboy “History” Ayra Starr “Dangerous” and Jackboy “No One Else”.

Cheque ultimately found his sound after experimenting across various music genres that culminated into his own musical evolution, making him the charming, dynamic and grounded artiste that he is today. After the release of his debut EP “S.O.O.N” (Something Out Of Nothing) which featured DML, Virus Zamorra and Chinko Ekun, Cheque became unstoppable as he continually released self-acclaimed hot singles such as “Zoom“, “History” (feat. Fireboy DML) and recently “LOML” ft Olamide off his highly anticipated album “Bravo“.

Cheque fuses rapping and singing in an iteration of Afro-fusion that draws from pop, cloud rap, R&B and emo-trap. “It’s generally Afro-fusion but with trap and pop music,” Cheque tells Apple Music. “I love hardcore rap but I’m determined to put melodies around it and sweeten it.” His melodic take sees him provide motivation (“Rockstar”), show his friends appreciation (“Change”) and express his affection (“Sweet Love”), while providing insight into his personality. “Everything I say in my music is who I am,” he says. “One of the things I try to conquer with my music is to never be ashamed of what I’m saying. It’s why I named the album Bravo—it’s brave.” Here, he talks us through the album, track by track.

“Coming from a place of struggle, that’s definitely what it felt like when I made this song. Don’t bully me, don’t look down on me… let me shine! Rockstar is basically about overcoming. I know a lot of people are going through a lot of things and when you hear this, I don’t want you to feel like you can’t get something from this. I come from a place where they say, ‘Please don’t try this trap music’. It almost brought me to a place where I didn’t want to do it anymore but I realised that this is who I am and no matter how I tried to go the other direction, this is very genuine.

Superboy Cheque tagged the Intro Rockstar

Dangerous (feat. Ayra Starr)
“I recorded this song just after I dropped the Razor EP. It was more of an R&B vibe at the initial stage. I loved it! It was so sexy and was exactly what I thought about a partner. When I changed it up I wanted it to be more Afrobeats to get this balance. It just felt like I needed to get someone [to feature], to feel like I’m talking to somebody else. Our female artists in Nigeria are really coming up really fast now so I just had to call Ayra.”

Check out the Cheque featuring Ayra Starr

Call Me Baby
“When I hooked up with the producer [Lazybeatz] I just knew what to do instantly. When he gave me the beat the melody just came to me and I felt it. It was one of the few beats that I had from him that didn’t make me wanna go hustling—it made me want to go in that love direction. I was like, ‘What’s the title of this song, “Call You Baby?” Nah.’ I wanted to have a final response, I wanted her to reply to my question in the song.”

Call Me Baby

No One Else (feat. Jackboy)
“When I started music, the vibe I put on “No One Else” was my real self before I discovered and started to do emo-trap. When I got this song, I was like ‘Okay, I didn’t get affected by people saying don’t do trap’. I was like, ‘If I have this kind of song maybe I should get somebody that’s not from here’—so I got [American rapper] Jackboy He got me the verse and it’s the fastest verse I’ve got.”

Superboy Cheque featuring Jackboy on “No One Else”

LOML (feat. Olamide)
“I had a complete song, and I just tried to get the best person I could think of at that point that could really blend with me on the song. It was Olamide; it’s always fantastic to get love from the OGs. I was just learning to record Afrobeats, it wasn’t something I was doing before. I was just thinking about the perfect couple and how to express love to somebody who’s been there for you.”

“This was definitely a personal experience. Everything I’m saying in this song is exactly as it happened—no words were minced. I’m a real homie that gets shorties, but I met somebody that made me feel like ‘Okay, I’m not gonna get up to no more—we gotta stay focused and get serious.’ It turned out to be a very terrible idea!”

“This is the oldest song on the album. I was still of a clear mind at the time I recorded this song; no one had broken my heart. It’s just a cool, sexy vibe worshipping a woman’s body. Whatever you have is great, we love it.”

History [Cheque & Fireboy DML]
“I didn’t think twice. Fireboy is one of my oldest friends so I didn’t really stress myself too much. I was just looking for a guy that really had history with me. I finished the song but I didn’t know the chorus of the song. When he came in he said ‘Are you crazy?’ ‘cause the chorus right now was [initially] my first verse.

Superboy Cheque rewrote an “History” with Fireboy

Sweet Love
“‘Sweet Love’ is just vibes. I honestly didn’t put much thought into making this song. I just heard the beat and I wanted to have these sexy vibes. I like me a confident woman and I have a type physically too—I’m not ashamed to say I like this or I like that. It’s about energy and us being supportive with each other.”

Cheque rekindle the Love

“I’ve been blessed to have good friends around me. I’ve come across friends that really helped me grow, even when I had no house to stay in; they fed me for a while. I cannot go out in public and say, ‘Stuff my friends’. I wanted [this] to be on the album, so [that] when I listen to my first album, I know I’ve said something about what I really went through. I slept on the couch for a long time at my friend’s place, so no matter what, I always remember where I come from.”

Check out the dynamic flow of Cheque titled Change

“These are my origins. This is the place where you find me the most. I always see myself as a teacher—I have to [enable everyone] to understand me. This is my bass, the kick that I love and what I like to express. It’s a combination of rap and rap-singing. In the song I was going high-pitched, low-pitched and shouting. I was just everywhere. If anyone wants to know my ability on a song, they should play this song.”

Listen and Enjoy

“This particular one I got from watching a movie. The person was saying that in all his life he has always wanted a certain type of woman, and she was exactly what he wanted. That stuck in my head. It’s a very straightforward chorus… ‘You’re everything I prayed for’. It’s a marriage song; a sentimental one saying, ‘Thank god I found you’. I’ll have to play this at my wedding.”

“This one is saying, ‘Don’t test me!’ It’s a commanding song and very direct—‘I’m gon’ put you down so don’t try me’. I’m not telling you I’m strong, I’m showing you. It was important to end with this sound because I don’t like to be put in a box and attached to one column. When I make an album you can never really expect me to do the same thing. I try to imbue my work with my originality and it was important to open and close with that trap sound.”

Artistic tune display by Cheque

Currently signed to Penthauze Records, Cheque’s unique voice which has proven to have more range than has been established by a Nigerian male artiste, is a musical delight on the airwaves, garnering him fans across all spheres of life. A perfectionist who knows who he is as an artist but yet keeps pushing his own limits musically, young Cheque has a hunger that’s admirable to see in an industry already rife with astounding talent.

MUSIC : CHEQUE – LOML ft. OLAMIDE [Mp3 Download]

Superboy Cheque is at it again featuring the scutigera himself Olamide on the newly released track “LOML”

Cheque is cashing out the checks these days with the couple of works he’s been doing he earlier featured the YBNL youngster FIREBOY DML 🔥 for the single titled “History” then went ahead for “Call me Baby” the YBNL boss himself Olamide on the track “LOML”

Cheque gained massive popularity after releasing the hit track ‘Zoom‘ as part of his Razor EP project last year, he is showing how evolved he is as an artiste and how he is constantly improving his craft.

On ‘LOML (Love of My Life)‘, these two artistes bring their A-game to play with Cheque and Olamide complementing each other in the most dynamic of ways. Cheque’s euphonious musicality and Olamide’s verse screaming of an all-round evolved sound, Cheque takes us to the top of the ninth with this song and we are definitely picking up what he’s putting down.

This evocative love story rendered in the beautiful trademark Cheque voice, has the 26 year old Ondo State native put up his umbrella providing this much needed shade for music lovers.

Download and Enjoy

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Love Of My Life (LOML)‘ by Cheque is out and available on all digital platforms.

Listen and Stream LOML

Quotable Lyrics

Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

[Chorus: Cheque]
You be light for my life, no be lie at all
You give me love o, wey me never feel before
You give me joy o, oh my God o
I can’t get enough
You give me love o, wey me never feel before

[Verse 1: Cheque]
I’m coming plain (plain)
First time I ain’t feeling any Jealousy
Don’t give my secrets to my enemies
Oh you know me don’t trust nobody
Oh baby, you know me , you know me well
Anytime I kiss I never tell
Oh baby you know me well
Whine am for me make I go o
Show me love I never know
I wan come o baby oo

[Chorus: Cheque]
You be light for my life, no be lie at all
You give me love o, wey me never feel before
You give me joy o, oh my God o
I can’t get enough
You give me love o, wey me never feel before

Verse 2: Olamide]
They will never stop sailing till we see the shore
Señorita give me loving me no see before
Drunk in love, what you are doing is very asortol
Anybody wey no like am for der ? dum the talk
I said I want more
Fit get the friend that bigger come front
I hope you all get a picture of her, I dey comfort
Wey the small dron chicks so dey?reply me cos I be moreacrob
They wanna be my solokem but they are the procron
Omo na talk talk me and you two me never drop drop
Chicks wanna follow me
You are only real ama attract self
I go fuck shun and chop shun
I’m not sure they understand the love is real
Them still give me potion

Outro: Cheque]
You be light for my life, no be lie at all
You give me love o, wey me never feel before
You give me joy o, wey me never see before
You give me love o, wey me never feel before

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