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INTRO : OMAH LAY – SOSO (Clean extended edit) [Mp3 Download]

Omah Lay SoSo clean extended edit

Checkout SoSo clean extended by Omah Lay, off his recent album

Download and share your thoughts.


Bella Shmurda puts out a rendezvous tune with Omah Lay in a new Single titled “Philo”.

Bella shmurda and Omah Lay collaborates for a new single tagged Philo where they both confesses their love.

Download and enjoy below ….

INTRO : KING PROMISE – 10 TOES (Clean extended edit) ft. OMAH LAY [Mp3 Download]

Gregory Bortey Newman, a supremely talented Ghanaian singer and song composer better known by his stage as King Promise, takes the stage with the mind-blowing track “10 Toes” featuring Omal Lay

Not to mention, you must listen to this incredible hit song.

As a result, if you listen to music, there is a good chance that you only know the most recent intriguing singles.

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ALBUM : OMAH LAY – BOY ALONE [Album Download]

Omah lay released his Debut album after his “Get Layd” EP back in 2020.

Omah Lay’s debut album is a pot full of gems. A gifted songwriter, as proven in his several chart topping singles, collaborations and pair of EPs released in 2020—Get Layd and What Have We Done— it remained to be seen if the Nigerian Afro-fusion artist could replicate this success across a full album. Boy Alone’s 14 tracks set any doubts aside. Each track combines biography with fantasy, earnest songwriting and mannered, though seductive singing, whether about heartbreaks or childhood ambitions, carnal pleasures or his bouts with depression.

“I had the worst days of my life recording this album,

“Trust me, I was blocked.” Rather than compartmentalise this turbulent period in favour of fantasy-filled songwriting, the man born Stanley Omah Didia conceded to the music-making acumen which has served him well in the past: mining the highs and lows of success and romantic adventures. “I can’t sing what’s not me,” he explains; “If I’m saying anything in a song, it’s definitely true. The whole idea was to make sure that the album was really sounding the way I felt. I actually lived my reality on the album”. Below, Omah Lay talks us through Boy Alone, track by track.


I would definitely rep where I’m from every day, man. I’m a full time Port Harcourt boy. With any chance that I get, I’ll mention that. I’ll tell the whole world, every day. I sent it out to a producer called Orlando. He remade everything and we redid the whole thing. It was just supposed to be an interlude with me just talking, as usual, saying the truth, man.”


“This song is about self motivation. In the song, I was referring to myself four or five years ago before I blew up. I used to always look at myself in the mirror and beat my chest and tell myself, ‘You see me, staying in this studio every day and making beats for people and writing songs for people—I will not do this forever. I will grow up someday and I’ll become big’. I travelled back to who I used to be and the things I used to say to myself, and I made the song. Even as a successful artist, people look me in the eye and I see doubts—but they are some of the biggest reasons why I wake up in the morning and I make music. And I want to prove to myself that I am the best, man. I just want to make sure that I clear everybody’s doubts, and I also clear even the little one that’s in my mind.”


“I’m from Port Harcourt and I’m a very bad boy, trust me. Whatever I’m telling you in my song is real, man. It’s a fact. Girls like that vibe that when you tell them to go bend them. My girls like it like that though.”


“I wrote ‘woman’ and I just forgot about the song until someday, somebody in my team brought it out and played it for me and it sounded so fresh. When I sing, ‘Anytime I knack, I knack without rubber band’, I’m not promoting condom-free sex. If you’re married and you don’t want to use a rubber band, you’re good. But if you’re not, man, you’ve got to use a rubber band. For some of my special girls I don’t, and everybody must have that one special person that you can dive without.”


“In the past one to two years, I don’t know what happened to me, but I feel I just disconnected from myself for a minute. I think it was almost the peak of me not being in the best state of mind, mentally. Everybody’s fucking with the things I’m doing, but my shit doesn’t sound good to me. Drinking is boring. Smoking is boring. Women are boring. Everything in life was boring, man. I just couldn’t find myself. And I think all of these things are just what makes me what I am. But somehow, I went outside the house and started just humming how I was feeling and for some reason, I started saying exactly what was happening with me. I started advising myself, and I added melody. I don’t know how common depression is in the industry, but I think I’ve outgrown this phase of my life.”


“My team is the best for holding me down. ‘temptation’ is that song that I’m singing for my people, my real people. I was in the studio one day trying to finish up one of the songs when the producer [BGRZ] came through and played a bunch of beats. As soon as he played the one for ‘temptation’, my head just opened. Even though I was having the worst time, I have these people that keep me going. I just realised I really needed to talk to them. I needed to tell them what was happening with me, and I needed to appreciate them.”


“This song happened one night when we were just vibing. The producer Tempoe played the beats and I just started pouring out my heart. I was going through a heartbreak and the song is about people you could basically do anything for, but who turn around to betray you at the end. I was in a relationship at the time and my heart broke and things were not right. Things didn’t go smoothly.”


“This is a song that I dedicate to everybody who means a lot to me, who I lost some way, somehow. It’s a song that I dedicated to my late dad. The bit of singing I do in my language Ikwere [from Rivers State, Nigeria] translates to, ‘Wherever you are on this earth, in this world/If you’re hearing my voice, please dance for me.’ I’m actually more highlife than I am Afrobeats fusion. I grew up on artists like Celestine Ukwu, in whose band my grandfather was a percussionist. The highlife music my dad used to play for me is what makes my melodies. So it’s only right that my tribute to him is more highlife influenced.”


“I’m an overthinker, and when I’m all alone, I’m clouded with a lot of stuff. The thing that really helps me escape is touring. Travelling, performing, and watching people dance and sing to my music and be happy is my safe haven. Honestly, as much as people think that I sing about love, women, sex and stuff, I’m not always like that. I’m a very reserved person and I like to protect my energy so much. You got to be worth it for me to actually be with you. I’m very introverted. It’s why I feel like I don’t have a lot of friends. I like my space; I like to keep my circle as small as possible.”

ATTENTION” [Omah Lay & Justin Bieber]

“Somehow JB and I just have this connection. We talk often, share songs, music and everything via text. During the making of this song was the first time that I did FaceTime with him, and he loved the song and sent back his verse, and that was it. I had just come out of my shell when I wrote the song. I was in a resort in Nigeria for like three months and I didn’t see anybody. I was just really losing my mind, and I wanted to make music about how I felt in those three months of being isolated. As soon as the producer, Harv, played the beat for me when I got to LA, it sounded so much like what I was feeling.”


“‘Soso’ could mean anything to you, but it’s the name of a girl. It’s a Port Harcourt name; a Kalabari girl’s name. When I say, ‘Soso, take my pain away’, I want her to come and dance for me. Let her come and do whatever she can do for me, and take this pain away. She’s not my girl. She’s my friend’s little sister, but she grew up, boom, and she started doing stuff, man. She just grew up on Snapchat and Instagram and just started doing things. The melody on ‘Soso’ is spirit; it’s Highlife. When I listen to those old highlife singers, it feels like they get their melodies from the spirit themselves. And that’s where I always want to tap from. I made sure that I connected with my ancestors.”


“I’m an unlucky motherf***er. When it comes to love, it doesn’t work for me. I’m in today, I’m out tomorrow. That’s why I’m looking for someone who could show me how to love.

I don’t know what to call the song either—is it an amapiano song, or house? But you can tell where my head was when you listen to it. Even though it is dance music, there’s still complaints inside.”

“tell everybody” (feat. Tay Iwar)

“I think recording this song was the first time I met Tay Iwar. We just linked and our energy was massive. It was good energy. And when he said that, ‘I used to dream about the stars, that’s why my patience is so low,’ that stuff got me. I took it on from there. We just vibed and everything came. I really was intentional about doing my first album by myself. But Tay, he’s a genius; his music is so good.”


“purple song” “’purple song’ is for my fans, my girls, my family, my people, my day-one people that have been there with me. It’s a toxic song and at the same time it is a love song. I’m talking to somebody who the internet has said a lot of ill things about me to. Somebody who loves me for real, but there’s just so many people saying rubbish about me, talking down on my name. And it’s beginning to register in their mind that, ‘Oh, maybe these people are telling the truth,’ but inside them, they love me for real. And they’re just in between the line of leaving me and moving on or staying. You can also listen to it as a love song.”

INTRO : OMAH LAY – ATTENTION (Clean Extended Edit) ft. JUSTIN BIEBER [Mp3 Dowload]

Omah Lay Attention Intro featuring Justin Biebber

After the release of ‘Free my Mind’ in which he uses Shayo to clear the mind the mind still keeps buzzing wioth some issues as the pop saying goes problem no dey finish so Omah Lay caught the Attention of J.Bieber to lay yet another tune for the fans

Budding Prince of Afro-fusion, Omah Lay teams up with Canadian singer, Justin Bieber to deliver his 2022 debut single, and he titles this one ATTENTION.

Download annd share your thoughts

ALBUM : DJ NEPTUNE – GREATNESS 2.0 [Album Download]

Renowned International Eva – Blazing DJ Neptune releases his sophomore album titled “Greatness 2.0” today, November 26, 2021. This is coming in after the success of the project’s lead singles; ‘Only Fan‘ (feat. Lojay, Zlatan) and ‘GAZA‘ (feat. Patoranking).

Since emerging in the early 2010s with his maximal interpretation of Afropop that weaved together R&B, hip-hop, and dancehall influences, DJ Neptune has had a constant presence at the forefront of the genre’s vaunt to global popularity, while trying to imbue popular music from west Africa with his more experimental ideas.

The success of 2018’s Greatness was a vindication for Neptune’s innovative approach, and on his follow-up, the Lagos-based artist pairs his technical virtuosity with hit-making gravitas.

Greatness 2.0 Album” consist of 16 tracks and features artistes; Laycon, Waje, Ladipoe, Mr Eazi, Cheque, Blaqbonez, Rema, Patoranking, Simi, Peruzzi, Focalistic, Adekunle Gold, Joeboy, Omah Lay, Lojay, Zlatan, Bella Shmurda, Kofi Jamar, Jeriq, Phyno, Stonebwoy, Yemi Alade, One Acen, Harmonize & Anjella.

Across an album that kicks off with the aspirational messaging of “Rise Up” and closes with the loved-up swag of “Nobody,” DJ Neptune (Imohiosen Patrick) engages his phalanx of collaborators in meaningful conversation.

About the first track – Rise Up featuring; Laycon, Waje & LADIPOE, DJ Neptune said

With ‘Rise Up,’ when I got the beat, it sounded like what a Jay Z would want to get on. I told myself, ‘Okay, this is going to be a classic record. I need to make a classic record out of this.’ So I sent it to Waje and I told her, ‘Listen, the direction I want to go with this is that everyone in life has obstacles. We have our ups and downs, but regardless of whatever situation you’re going through at that particular time, always have it at the back of your mind that one day you’re going to rise up.’ She did her thing and the next person I sent it to was Laycon. Laycon had just won Big Brother Nigeria—that’s like a serious rise up for him. I needed to balance this with another rapper; Ladipoe came through with his own style and did his thing. We came in with the Kabusa choir, just to give it that extra feel.

And according to him also the last track on the album Nobody featuring Joeboy & Mr. Eazi- is from [2020]. I mean the song came and did so much damage. Shout out to everyone who helped me make history with ‘Nobody.’

Download to Enjoy the full album below,


DO and UNDO – MR Eazi
















Understand” is an uptempo record with addictive lyrics and Vibe, Omah Lay delivers yet another Godly Hit! This to whet fans and music listeners appetite while we await Omah’s album.

With his shine sparkling voice, evocative storytelling, and contagious rhythms, Omah Lay is now one of Nigeria’s most talented artist in Nigeria, talked-about musical innovators. Omah Lay’s brand of Afro-fusion pulls from his deep history with West Africa’s percussion-heavy highlife genre, as well as his enthusiasm for the popular sounds of his generation—from U.S. rap, to the Afrobeats empire flourishing in his home base of Lagos.

Raised in industrial Port Harcourt, a city infamous for oil-driven conflict, Omah Lay found comfort in the music around him. His grandfather was a percussionist in Celestine Ukwu’s legendary highlife band, and his father played, too. But it was hip-hop that inspired him to record. After becoming the neighbourhood go-to guy for beats and witnessing his tracks help others succeed, Omah Lay found his voice. Throughout his breakthrough Get Layd EP, that seductive coo unravels tales that range from introspective to explicit, expertly laid over lush and soulful instrumentals that he often dreams up himself. Layered with vivid scenarios and heartfelt confessions, Omah Lay’s music depicts a young man daring to reveal his grittiest vices and innermost feelings. Moreover, with his roots dug in firmly beneath him and a global audience tuning into Lagos’ thriving scene, Omah Lay gives us a fascinating window into Afro-fusion’s bright and expansive future.

After the huge success of his 2020 debut EP ‘Get Layd‘, Omah Lay hit the industry with another impressive EP titled “What Have We Done” 6 months after. The WHWD project housed the mega hit – GODLY.

Today July 8, 2021, Omah Lay serves his fans a brand new song titled “Understand“….

Quotable Lyrics

I thought we in this together
Give you my necklace pendant
Give you my last card you spend am
I Show you my best friend, you friend am

Listen below

INTRO : GYAKIE – FOREVER (extended edit) ft. OMAH LAY [Mp3 Download]

Checkout Gyakie featuring Omah Lay Forever extended edit by DJ Jamsmyth.

Download and share your thoughths.


Ajebo Hustlers are back with a new banger titled “Pronto”, this time the duo teams up with Omah Lay.

To kick start 2021 with another Bang, buzzing music duo – Ajebo Hustlers who lend their voice for a better Nigeria in 2020 enlist the music industry’s hottest newbie, Omah Lay for their debut – “Pronto“.

Audacious duo & Kpos Lifestyle preachers Ajebo Hustlers advances forward with a remix to their 1da Banton produced hit single “Barawo” by employing the services of DMW boss Davido – Baddest!.

After a successful outing in 2020 (establishing their name in the music industry) and hitting us with the banger – Barawo Remix which had Davido on it, Ajebo Hustlers set off 2021 with another potential hit “Pronto“. Omah Lay’s impact on this track would push it & them further and add to their attraction/audience. The Godly crooner starts the record with his spiritual vibe/melody and brought in the Infinity game on the chorus.

Enjoy ……

Quotable Lyrics

I dey grease am, I dey put am
She dey feel am, She dey lick am
E dey sweet am, I dey give am,
Panelbeat am when she need am

Nobody go know say me and you don Hunhum

INTRO : OMAH LAY – YOU (extended edit) [Mp3 Download]

Check out Omah Lay’s extended edit of his track “You” by Quality DJ Jamsmyth

Download and Share your thoughts.

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